Monday, November 10, 2008

Thanks, Norfolk Academy

I had the pleasure last week of a school visit with Avi to Norfolk Academy, in Norfolk, VA. I had a good feeling about the place as soon as I walked in and saw a larger-than-life Poppy, complete with porcupine quill, and that was just the start; Norfolk did a great and generous job of organizing and hosting. Thanks for the visit go to the students, teachers, and administrators, and to lower school librarian Barbara Burns and Eric Wilson in particular!


Joy said...

Dear Mr. Floca,

I am in third grade at Norfolk Academy. My name is Sierra M. Burton. I love how patient you were and I thought all the weasel pictures were funny. Thank you for your visit.

Your Friend, Sierra

Alireza said...

Dear Mr. Floca,
I am a second grade student at Norfolk Academy. Thank-you for coming to visit. Your presentation was wonderful! My family and I think you are enormously talented. My mom was so pleased when she saw that you not only signed our books but added a little illustration along with your autograph. We will be watching for all of your new work.
Samantha Farpour

Brian Floca said...

You're welcome! I enjoyed the visit myself. I'm glad you liked the presentation, the weasels, and the drawings. Thanks for taking the time to say so!

Brian/Mr. Floca