Monday, November 3, 2008

Drive on

If you subscribe to Click Magazine (see here and here for more on Click) or read it at your library, I hope you’ll look for Rachel Young’s story in the November/December issue, which is all about cars. I drew some pit stop scenes for the piece, and it was fun to revisit — if briefly — my Racecar Alphabet days. And on the back of that issue, in my regular Click gig illustrating the Beatrice Black Bear comic (John Grandits writes the text—more on John here and here), I was able to cut loose with a lot of vehicle drawings. Behind Beatrice I drew the gas-guzzling International Harvester Scout that I drove in high school and the Vespa that I would drive now if I weren’t so afeared of getting into a wreck on one of those things.


Lauren Castillo said...

You drove a international harvester scout?! I've always had a crush on the old IH Scout 800A Roadsters!

p.s. great drawings Brian :)

Brian Floca said...

Lauren, really!? I probably did some solid advance work in the field of global warming in that thing — I think it got about 12 miles to the gallon. And my dad never let me take off the top, which was a true desire. Still — it was fun to drive!

Jessica said...

Hmm, this does kind of look like the Rome commute every morning. I say take your inner Roman and take to the streets with that Vespa!