Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lost ARC

The final drawings for Avi's final Poppy book are now underway. Meanwhile, reviewers may already have copies of the book in their hands. This phenomenon is made possible by Advance Reader Copies, or ARCs, early versions of a book sent out with finished text but often with sketches in place of the final art. This is the usual way of things with the Poppy books and is a convenience to everyone involved, with the exception of the illustrator; Poppy ARCs have left a trail of reviews, stretching back over the years, with only this to say about the drawings in the series: “Final art not seen.” After all that work — ouch. Still, that's better than the time a student reviewer, working from an ARC, posted a review of Poppy’s Return on Amazon that reads, “I didn't like the pictures very much because they looked like a small kid drew them.” Double ouch.

Above: Poppy, airborne over Dimwood Forest, in sketch and final form. Click to enlarge. Explanation to come in the spring of 2009.


Vincent Juanes said...

I like your drawins. Regards!

johanna said...

Hey Brian,

What? That airborne mouse sketch, is amazing! I would like to see the small child that could draw that. I mean, look at that tail!

Thanks for your nice words about Secret Circus. How cool and serendipitous somehow, that you saw it first! I'm excited to get my paws on one.....