Monday, April 28, 2008


The slow shift from one project to the next is getting underway here. Shelves and mental space must be cleared and restocked. As for what’s to come, for the moment I’ll just say that on Friday I was in Queens walking toward the Noguchi Museum to begin researching drawings for a great picture book text by Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan, and that as I walked the words of Chapman, Cleese, et al., rang in my ears: “And now for something completely different.”

Still, you can always find a point of connection if you know where to look, and on the museum’s gift shop wall I found mine: A George Nelson ball clock, just the sort that you see in the family scenes in Moonshot. I don’t imagine that the Moonshot family paid $315.00 for theirs, but I was still somehow glad for the segue.

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Anonymous said...

i thought maybe you found "a man with 3 buttocks"...
sorry, i couldnt resist finishing the Python scene you created in my head.
i am really looking forward to getting ahold of a copy of moonshot.
your paintings are just so american, so pure, so inspiring..for a lack of better words. when i think of today's true book illustrators, you are the first that comes to mind.
keep it up, please...