Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Over the years I’ve done much schooling and living in (as Paul Simon sings it) New England, sweet New England. Not until last summer, though, did I make it to Martha’s Vineyard. Once there, one conversation led to another, and I’ve just now finished a small drawing for the Aquinnah Public Library’s summer reading program t-shirts. A cleaner, inked version of this pencil sketch will be used on the shirts, but I still like the pencil and so here it is. The library will be selling the shirts soon, so the only question now is how big of a bite they’ll take out of the island’s omnipresent Black Dog merchandising empire. If the shirts are a hit and the library branches out into tote bags, footwear, housewares, biscotti, and hot sauce, don’t blame me.


Anonymous said...

the eyes are a nice nod to Richard Scarry:)
love it...nice and simple as always.

Eric Orchard said...

Perfect! So elegant and charming.

Anonymous said...

So much better than the ubiquitous
Black Dog logo. Libraries triumph restaurants anyday or at least in my fevered librarian's imagination.