Friday, August 9, 2013

Trucks, Redux

On almost every trip to the airport that I’ve made for the past eight or nine years, Ive found myself, at one point or another, gazing across the tarmac and thinking longingly of the book Five Trucks, out of print and largely unavailable now for, well, eight or nine years. (Such a moment is sketched out here, and more about Five Trucks is here.) It’s happy news for me, then, that Five Trucks will be coming back into print at Atheneum/Simon & Schuster next year, where it will join the other vehicle books I’ve made over the past few years, The Racecar Alphabet, Lightship, Moonshot, and now Locomotive. Land, sea, air, space, together at last! Here’s a detail from a new cover painting now underway. 


tim b said...

Can you say 'boxed set'?

Glad to hear the family will be complete!

Telstar Logistics said...

Land, air, sea, space, indeed. Wait, that sounds familiar...

Seriously, Five Trucks is such a favorite in our house. So glad it'll be available again soon.