Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Memories of East Texas

I had a great time at the East Texas Book Festival in Tyler, Texas this past weekend. Thank you to everyone at the festival for the invitation and for managing the logistics!

I returned to the diaspora yesterday. My flight was delayed due to the weather in New York, so I had some extra time in the Austin airport. A sketch and a Five Trucks flashback were the results.

Next stop: St. Louis!


Anonymous said...

this is really nice Brian. i always love your continuous line work. it just technically catches the proportions without bogging it all down with value. really like it a lot. i remember Jim Gurney shared a few like this a while back. thanks for sharing! i wish you would share your sketches more often. i have one you did of a bronze bust printed out in my reference materials.

Alissa said...

lovely sketch ! a delayed plane and a sketchbook are a good combination