Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Blogger’s Valentine

It’s a pleasure to note here that Lightship was today announced as the winner of a Cybil for Best Nonfiction Picture Book of 2007! (A Cybil, or a Cybils? I have trouble with my singulars and plurals where the Cybils are concerned.) Regardless, it’s the Children’s & YA Bloggers’ Literary Awards. It was an honor to find Lightship among a great pack of nominees a few weeks back, and an honor to receive today's news. Thank you to the Cybils Team, the panelists and judges, and a high tip of the hat to Susan Thomsen for the original nomination!


Bkbuds said...

We are so thrilled for you, Brian! Congratulations on your win--it's well deserved.

And, oh yeah, it's a Cybil, singular.


-Anne Levy,

Brian Floca said...

Cybil! Now I know. And frankly this was the best way I can think of to learn. Thanks again, Anne!

Susan Thomsen said...

Brian, congratulations!

I first read of your book last March on David Elzey's blog, The Excelsior File. From his review I could tell it was one my son and I would like. Here is a link to David's review:

tim b said...

Hooray!! Good book! Smart bloggers!


johanna said...