Friday, August 10, 2007

Lost at Sea

Even as I type, the able crew at Spoken Arts is at work on a video presentation of Lightship, coming this fall to the school and library market. Not a fully animated video, but not just pan and scan, either. Think Ken Burns, with more moving parts. I mean that in a good way. Anyway, it’s all pretty much straight from the book, except that Spoken Arts is working in one piece of art that was cut when I re-rigged the book’s ending at the last possible minute, and they also requested one new drawing to go with a line in the text about the difficulties of drinking coffee as the waves lift and drop the ship. (One more reason to stay on land, that.) In the book the moment with the drink of drinks is not illustrated, but Spoken Arts thought that something would feel missing in the video if there wasn’t a visual there. The loss of a cup of coffee is an emotional and difficult subject to draw, but here it is. Note that although the image is not here animated, you can rock your monitor back and forth and you’ll get the gist.


Chris Barton said...

Brian, this is exciting news -- Lightship is the best picture book I've seen this year, so I'm thrilled that there's more of it (or a different perspective) on the way.

matt said...

I think you've definitely hit that grown-man-on-verge-of-tears expression. Glad to see you blogging. More sketches, please.

Brian Floca said...

It's a look I know well, Matt. Anyhow, thanks both to you, Matt, and (fellow Texan) Chris for the kind remarks!

And, Chris, if you're reading, I was listening to some of Lomax's Sacred Harp recordings just yesterday. I'll look forward to your book!