Wednesday, August 8, 2007

First Post

If I'm fooling around with something new on the internet, then I must be on deadline. With that I say, Welcome to the blog. I’ll start the posting rolling with some behind-the-scenes goods from the most recent book, Lightship. Today, a sketch. Truth be told, it usually feels as though a rain forest worth of paper is required to move any idea from Notion toward the hallowed destination of Book, and most early drawings well deserve the trash can to which they are consigned — but occasionally you get a drawing which has that pleasing roughness and sense of exploration that can make a sketch more interesting than a finished piece. Or interesting in a different but equal way, let’s say. Anyhow, such is how I felt about this very worked, pencil, marker, tracing paper, and Scotch tape study of the engine room on the Ambrose lightship:


Anonymous said...


More, more...

How about some more sneak peeks from Hinky-Pink???


Rolland Trowbridge said...

Thank you.
I just visited the tug "Ludington" in Kewanee, WI. And thought that it would make a great childrens book - and lo and behold "Lightship"

Your webcam is inspirational.


Joseph D'Angelo said...

Hi Brian,

Great to see you are blogging! I really like this sketch too. Hope to see more drawings in the future...