Friday, November 16, 2012

Sunday: Or The Whale

Don’t ask me my qualifications. Suffice to say that I was in communication with the right people at the right time. That’s how I’ve ended up with a slot in the Moby-Dick Marathon NYC, in which the great book is read aloud from spout to tail. The event gets underway tonight and goes to Sunday afternoon. (Paul Dano will have kicked off the marathon by the time I get this posted.) The event website/blog and event details are here; a write-up in the New York Times is here. I’m one of about 150 readers. (We all are all listed here. Note Sophie Blackall at 10:50 on Saturday!) Each of us will take a ten-minute go at the book. My slot is on Sunday at 2:50, at the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe at 126 Crosby Street, 10012. It’s only an estimate but by that time on Sunday we should be up to chapter 134 or so. Chapter 134! This means no disquisitions on the subtleties of right whales, et cetera, et cetera, for this reader. We are talking “The Chase—The Second Day,” or something in that neighborhood. Dont let the damp, drizzly November in your soul (or out your window) keep you away. A dead whale or a stove boat!  I hope to see you there!

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