Thursday, April 5, 2012

To the 月!

Here’s a fantastic surprise that was waiting for me when I got to the studio today: a Japanese edition of Moonshot, from publisher Kaisei-sha. (The book is on the Kaisei-sha web site here.) I had no idea this was in the works. I’ve had some illustrations make it into foreign editions of Avi’s Poppy Stories, but this is the first of my picture books that has been translated and published abroad. My sincere thanks to everyone at Simon & Schuster and Kaisei-sha who made this edition possible!


Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

Very cool. Very congrats. The Japanese character/symbol for moon almost looks like the lunar lander.

Lauren Castillo said...

Yaay congrats Brian!! It looks awesome~

Brian Floca said...

Thanks, Marc and Lauren! Thanks especially for the moon character/LM note, Marc. I hadn’t seen that and now I can’t not see it.