Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A shot across the bow

Here’s part of an email I received recently from someone who picked up Lightship as a gift for a young reader:
“As I was reading the book, I came to the page with mail being delivered from an anchored ship W227. I know of a steamship lightship tender Lilac and she is in NY City also....  In 1933 my grandfather captained the Lilac, and the book will go to a family member. I was just wondering if I could truly say that was the Lilac.”
I was happy to be able to answer yes! (Are you surprised? Would I be blogging about this otherwise?) Anytime somebody catches a detail like that in a book it’s rewarding, but I certainly never expected to hear from the Lilac’s captain’s granddaughter. I’m grateful she took the time to write. More about the Lilac — and current efforts to maintain and preserve her — is here.

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