Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Portrait of the Artist

The March issue of Click magazine (where I have a regular gig illustrating the comic Beatrice Black Bear, written by John Grandits) is about art — looking at it, and making it. I have a piece in the issue on the process of making picture books. The image here accompanies the text, “Sometimes the pictures don’t work out well, and then I try again.” You see in this drawing that I do not duck hard truths just because I am writing for a young audience.
There’s more about Click here and more about John here.


Lauren Castillo said...

I love this, Brian! What a great likeness. I think I make that same exact face ;)

Brian Floca said...

Thanks for the note, Lauren! I had to do a few small likenesses of myself for the article. Somehow the one of me going out of my mind was the one that came most naturally.

matt said...

Great drawing!