Friday, November 19, 2010

Cover me

Over at the Fuse #8 blog today Betsy Bird covers the HarperCollins librarians’ preview. One of the books on show is Eric Luper’s Jeremy Bender Vs. the Cupcake Cadets. The cover design is by talented designer (and friend and picture book author) Polly Kanevsky, and I did the spot drawings. This was a small but fun project.

Typing about that work reminds me that I never blogged about another cover I enjoyed working on this year, for the paperback edition of Avi’s The Traitors’ Gate, a story full of twists and turns that I enjoyed taking a crack at illustrating. (Illustrating the cover for, I should say. The interior illustrations are by Karina Raude.) The designer for the Traitors’ Gate cover was the adept Michael McCartney at Simon & Schuster, with whom I also had the pleasure of working on Lightship and Moonshot. (And to whom I owe some sketches for the next book we’ll work on together.)


tim b said...

Loving the Traitor's Gate cover. Sort of makes me want to see what you'd do with a Dickens novel if you ever got the chance. Is Books of Wonder still doing its classics series? Bet you'd do a bang-up Nicholas Nickleby.

Brian Floca said...

Thanks, Tim! Both covers were fun to work on but, yes, I'd love to do something Dickensian, and not just so I could take a tax-deductible trip to London. Thanks again!