Thursday, February 4, 2010

PEN panel

I’m glad to have been asked to appear on a panel this coming Monday on the theme “Crafting a Career as a Children’s or Young Adult Author—Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.” The panel is sponsored by PEN and includes Richard Peck, Jane O’Connor, and Marilyn Singer. The conversation will be moderated by David Levithan. I will answer questions to the best of my ability. Come by! Monday, February 8, 7:00 PM, at the Cervantes Institute, 211 East 49th St., New York City. Free, with book signing to follow.

More information at PEN’s site, here.

Addendum: Publishers Weekly’s coverage of the panel is here. Thanks to PEN and everyone who came!


Lauren Castillo said...

Hey, I am going to try and be there!

Helen said...

Hi Brian:
Thank you for your insightful comments and answering my question about "finding your voice"- I think your response, "just read aloud" will resonate the most. Also, I'd love to look up that book you were telling me about. The one about the orange with the simple text where the graphics did a lot of the telling. Would you mind letting me know the title and author again?
Thank you.
Helen, hopeful wannabe

Brian Floca said...

Thanks for the note, Helen. The book we were talking about was The Orange Book, by Richard McGuire. The text couldn't be simpler, but each line is a set up for a busy, funny, interesting illustration, so that McGuire launches a whole world from just a few words. I sound like I'm auditioning for a position as a reviewer, but, anyway, that's the book. It's a great book so naturally it's out of print but I hope you can find a copy somewhere. Thanks again for the note!

Helen said...

Thank you for the information, Brian!
All the best,
: )

Brian Floca said...

You're welcome, Helen.

And it turns out you CAN get Richard McGuire's The Orange Book -- if your Italian is up to speed.

Buona fortuna, and let me know how your books go!

Helen said...

Hi Brian: Bene, bene! I only wish my Italian was as good as my French. : )

Brian Floca said...

Something about the way you phrase that makes me wish my Italian was as good as your French, too, Helen.