Thursday, December 31, 2009

The End is Near

The end of the year has come, bringing with it, among other things, Best Books of the Year lists. I’m very happy that Moonshot appears on several: Kirkus ReviewsBest Children’s Books of 2009 (Requiescat in pace, Kirkus), Book LinksLasting Connections of 2009, School Library Journal’s Best Books 2009, Horn Book Magazine’s Fanfare Best Books of 2009, Booklist’s Editors’ Choice 2009, and the Washington Post’s Best Kids Books of 2009.

My sincere thanks to all, and best wishes to all for 2010!

Above: an alternate sketch for Moonshot’s Mission Control page. Looking at this again I’m reminded how hard it was to choose an angle for the drawing. For some of us, Mission Control looks good from any point of view.


Anonymous said...

Im so glad to see all the praise youre getting! I love that book and that is a great sketch. your sketches are as fun as your final work to me. you manage to carry over that loose sketchy feel even in your final art, which is soooo hard for most of us! I have recently been practicing at trying to retain that feel in my final work. its not easy though.

Le-Xandix said...

Futuro Marte....