Sunday, May 24, 2009

Majáková lod’

The other day I was looking through my copy of Richard Scarry’s European Word Book. (I bought the book while spending a few months in Prague years ago, so here “European words” means English, German, French, and Czech.) While flipping through the pages, this little drawing of a mouse manning (mousing?) a lightship jumped out at me. A lightship! And not just any lightship, but the Ambrose lightship! My God! Mon Dieu! Mein Gott! Ach můj bože! Scarry’s boat is a later generation lightship than the one I drew in Lightship, the one now docked at South Street Seaport Museum, but, still — how funny and strange to find that this illustrator whose work I enjoyed so much as a boy had touched this subject I would later discover (rediscover?) for myself. The more you read and write and draw, the more these things seem to loop back on you.


Anonymous said...

thats pretty neat. what a fun find! i love his work, especially when he rendered with paints in that very cool 50s and 60s cartoon style, with no real line work, just tones.

Ed M said...


In an attempt to avoid your spam filled mailbox, what font(s) did you use for the book LIGHTSHIP?

Brian Floca said...


Glad you asked! After much enjoyable skimming of industrial-looking fonts at I found Saa Series D D and thought that would be right for the title. Not an exact copy of the lettering on the sides of lightships, but close enough to evoke it. The talented Michael McCartney at S&S chose Berthold Walbaum for the interior, which I think looks great.