Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Poppy’s Progress

Recent posts have been all about Moonshot and The Hinky-Pink, but the real action on the drawing board these days (and nights) continues to be Poppy and Ereth. Among the former cast members returning for this the final act is Bounder the fox, shown here both as sketch and as he’ll appear in the book. Click to enlarge.


tim b said...

Ah, black-and-white interiors and January cold... I'm drinking that cocktail myself at the moment and it's leaving me with a touch of the Drearies. Next year I want a tropical-themed picture book at this time of year: Toucan Mardi Gras! Or something.

Julia Denos said...

brian, what do you use for your interior art? is it just straight up pencil, or some charcoal in there? i was working at the bookstore and pulled poppy off the shelf and LOVED the mr. ocax scenes. i was trying to decipher the medium.

Brian Floca said...

Thanks for the solidarity, brother.

Thanks for the kind note about old Mr. Ocax! (And if you like owls then check out the owl on Tim B’s sketch blog, by the way.) As for media, the drawings are done with ebony pencil, which has a soft lead that can go good and dark. Lately I’ve also been using some graphite when I can’t get the ebony to hold enough of a point, which has strangely been more of a problem with this book than the previous ones. My blog post about that problem was going to be titled "Ebony and Agony" until I thought better of the whole idea.