Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pictures of Lillie

Just discovered:

That's going to give me weird, weird dreams, I just know it.


Jeff Faerber said...

that is SOOOO damn sexy

tim b said...

She's like Thomas the Tank Engine's aquatic femme fatale... a steam engine Lorelei. Yikes.

Speaking of lightships, I was out on my bike this afternoon and saw that there's a beautiful lightship, the Nantucket, berthed in the North Cove down by Battery Park City. Has a lifeboat marked 'relief'... Wall Street bailout money at work?

Didn't have my camera with me, but if I'm down that way again soon I'll try to get a photo.

Brian Floca said...

La lightship femme is indeed from the world of Thomas, Tim, though that’s all I know about her, not having really ever watched the show myself. (Is that a lapse, professionally speaking?)

And as for yon unexpected lightship off the shores of Manahatta, that’s probably WLV-612, a former Nantucket lightship that’s now, somehow, a luxury charter yacht — “the ultimate in classic New England hospitality,” according to their web site (nantucketlightship.com).

Make of all that what you will!

bowsprite said...

I LOVE your Lightship book and your artwork. Hope it is ok: I quoted you in a comment to UglyShips.com, under his "Theodore" link.

You'll like this: I discovered your Lightship book because it is prominently displayed in one of the luxury cabins of said yachty Nantucket Lightship!! So, I went and bought 4 copies. Beautiful book--thank you!

Brian Floca said...

Bowsprite, whoever you are, many thanks! For the kind words, the sharp eye and the news that Lightship the book is on lightship the yacht, the book buying, and especially for the wonderful sketches I get to see by clicking on your name here. I love them all, but especially the watercolors from May. They make me want to get back down to the water, right now.

And Jeff — thanks for stopping by, and I don’t mean to neglect your comment. But what can I add to your observation?

Don’t answer that.

Thanks again, all.

DWiesner said...

Hi, Brian. Scary video indeed. Just wondering - was the reference to The Who song deliberate? Even scarier.

Brian Floca said...


Good scary or bad scary? Regardless, glad to see someone here who appreciates the classics.