Sunday, August 10, 2008

See also

Every now and then the online procrastination yields up something of actual interest. This week, it was the recently revamped website of the great Quentin Blake. (Pause here to bend the knee.) It’s too good not to mention. Especially if you’re in the drawing business yourself, you’ll enjoy the postings about process filed under Illustrators, including two videos that show Blake at work. Terrific stuff. And those sideburns!


Anonymous said...

We need an update on Ms. H. Pink. I see there is another star (PW) sparkling in the firmament. Congratulations!

Brian Floca said...

So kind, yet so anonymous! Stand by, mystery reader. And thanks for the note.

Julia Denos said...


I really loved these Quentin movies.
I had no idea he was such a charming little Englishman. It was really fascinating to watch the master at his techniques...good find!